Patagonia to Launch Environmental Activism Platform

motherearth February 7, 2018 0
Patagonia to Launch Environmental Activism Platform

Patagonia is a company known for its long-held political stances – the brand even sued the Trump administration last year — and has now announced plans to develop its activism. Patagonia Action Works is a digital platform that will connect people with nonprofit environmental agencies and help the get involved through events, petitions and volunteering.

Announcing the move in a statement, the brand’s vice president of environment activism, Lisa Pike Sheehy, explained the idea behind it: “If we could connect our community, friends and customers directly with local groups working on issues they are passionate about, suddenly these organizations would have the capacity to achieve even more. Everybody has a role to play in this movement.”

The Action Works platform will allow users to find relevant organizations by both the location and the issue. The system will work the opposite way as well, with agencies able to find people who can help them in specific ways, for example a graphic designer who also cares about the cause. To launch Patagonia Action Works, the brand are set to take part in a national tour that will cover cities such as Santa Monica, New York and Chicago. Watch Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard explain the reasons behind the new platform below.

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